CHEN CHIN IRON WORKS CO., LTD. -- High Speed Sheet Feed Gravure Printing Machine TSG-1000
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High Speed Sheet Feed Gravure Printing Machin
Chen Chin Iron Works Co., Ltd. researched and developed the printing method of sheet-fed gravure printing machine. The operation is very simple. Utilizing liquid printing ink, it can pass the printing cylinder directly and be printed on paper and plastic material. 
The printing ink is a kind of solvent and water ingredient. According to different printing elements, the printing effect is different. 
This printing method is very advanced with respect to the development of packaging printing, particularly the printing of hardcopy cigarette box and poker card. All of these are subscribed to the high quality & volume color density, which traditional offset printing machine cannot catch up with. And this machine is also a protector of “color difference”. 
The printing effect is very outstanding when this printing method is applied to metal ink and pearl ink and the printed products will have brightest luster. This method is applicable to packaging bag, certificate, adhesive label, cover page, bottom page, prototype and name card. It is also suitable for full area and spot coating. 
The drying system after printing can meet customer‘s demand and the drying time can be extended.
High Speed Sheet-Fed Gravure press
Mode: TSG-1000
1.     Max. machine speed: 8000 sheet /hour.
2.     Max. sheet size: 1020mmX700mm
3.     Max. Printed area: 1010mmX690mm
4.     Paper weight: 80g/m2-450g/m2
5.     The machine body is made from high tenacity casting iron; structure is strong, running stably & quiet.
6.     High speed paper feeder with smooth paper feeding.
7.     Stable rocking paper transmitting mechanism which is able to transmit the printing sheet correctly.
8.     New patented fast printing plate changing mechanism.
9.     Color process accurately which is suitable for multi color process in printing.
10.Circulation filtering oil sprinkle type lubrication system which is suitable for long time running.
11.With micro-processor electronic control system.
12. Drying system after printing can be extended as per customer’s demand.
                                 TECHNICAL DATA
Printed area
Max. sheet size
Min. sheet size
Forme cylinder diameter
Forme cylinder length
Blanket size
Machine dimensions
Machine weight
6800 KG
Max. Machine speed
8000 sheet/hour
Max. output
7200 sheet/hour
Paper weight
Feeder pile height
delivery pile height
Main power
I.R. lamp (Optional)
Total power